Posting Guide

(Reminder: The final check in deadline is Nov 26. Please remember to email us a finished or mostly-finished draft at Thanks!)

Posting starts soon, so here's an outline of how we'd like posting to work:

  • You can post on whatever platform you prefer. This includes AO3, LJ, tumblr, Dreamwidth, etc. Just make sure that it's a place accessible to the public. We're all eager to see your work!

  • Leading up to your assigned posting days, authors and artists must communicate with each other. Both of you will need to work out how, when, and where you want to post and provide each other with the relevant links. Do it BEFORE the posting date, it'll save everyone a whole lot of grief later on.

  • On your posting date, we'd like you or your partner—again, make sure you figure out who is doing this beforehand—to submit a post to our LJ (or our tumblr, if you prefer) with links to the story and art as well as general information and any banner art. Please make sure that the subject line of your post reads: FIC TITLE. This is what needs to be in the body of your post:

    You can add whatever you want to it (notes, beta credit, disclaimer, etc.) and alter the alignments, but please do not leave out any of the listed items (except for the banner; that's totally optional) and fill them all out to the best of your ability. The size of your banner must not exceed 500px (width) x 400px (height).

  • If you post beforehand, set your story/art to Private so only you can see it. Remember to unlock your posts on your posting day.

  • On the place where you post your art/fic, please link back to your partner and to your partner's fic/art post (if available) so that they can get feedback as well.

  • Proofread your posts. Preferably, have your beta go over your summary and other information as well, so that everything is as polished as possible.

  • Please link back to the sastiel_bigbang community so that other fans are aware of the challenge and be able to find more Sassy goodness to enjoy! :D

If you need any help (with coding, etc.) or have any questions that have not been covered in the FAQs, comment on this post or send us a message.

Schedule, Final Check In, and Betas

We're in the home stretch!

The final check in will be November 26. By then, we need to see completed drafts from both writers and authors. This does not mean that it's the final product. If you still need to edit your story or tweak with your art, that's fine. But you should have a whole story or art piece, and it should be quite close to being finished. Please email your work to as you did for the last check in. Please feel free to send things in before the Nov. 26 deadline. If you can't produce a draft, we cannot allow you to post.

Second, schedule. We'll be posting all through December and possibly into January, skipping weekends and the holidays. Below is the schedule for who is posting when. We'll have another post next week clarifying how we'd like posting to work. If you need a different date, PLEASE CONTACT US AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!

SCBB Posting Schedule*

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Finally, betas. If your story is finished or close being finished, you'll want to find a beta who can basically act as your editor before you post. There a few ways you can do this. One, check out some great communities that help people find betas: spn_betas and spn_beta. Or, you can go to the Beta Sign-Up form. You can either say you're a writer in need of a beta, or offer to beta other people's work. We'll work to pair people up.

Let us know if you have any questions or problems!

Second Check-In

The weather is getting cooler (here in the northern hemisphere at least), the pumpkin spice is in full swing, and the second SCBB check-in deadline is approaching on OCTOBER 22.

For this check-in, we're looking for evidence that you and your partner are making progress on your collaboration. We'd like to see at least one of two things.

  1. A fic rough draft that is ideally one-third to one-half toward being complete. If it's less than that, please don't panic; you won't be penalized! Just send us what you have so far so we have confirmation you're on the right track.

  2. Art rough draft that is ideally one-third to one-half toward being complete. Again, if it's less than that, just send what you have.

We'd like everyone, both artists and authors, to send an email to with your draft attached. (Or if one person wants to send us both fic and art, that's fine too!) The ideal is that both the artist and the author have drafts to send, but as long as one or the other can show they're making progress, we'll check off your group. If you don't have a draft to send, just shoot us an email confirming you're still in the challenge and that you intend to start very soon.

As always, if you think you need to drop out, let us know so we can accomodate.

We'll be happy to start taking drafts as soon as you can send them. If we haven't heard from you by Oct. 22, we'll start sending emails to remind people to check in.

Thanks guys!

First Check In

Hello all!

We've come up on our first check in of SCBB. Everyone, artists and writers, needs to send in a form.

Here is the link!

This is just a quick touching base to see where people are in their projects and if there are any issues we can help address. If you think you need to bow out (which is perfectly fine; we know life happens), now is a good time to let us know.

We'll have the check in form posted until this time next week to give people time to fill it out. If you do not check in, we will contact you one last time to see if you still want to be part of the challenge and assume that you've had to drop out if we don't get a reply.

As a side note, we've made a minor change to the schedule. We originally had drafts due in Sept, but have deleted that event. Now, we're going to ask for some sign of progress in the second check in, Oct 22.

Additionally, if you have an excerpt or sketch you'd like to share with us in the comments below, please feel free to do so! We're excited to get a taste of what you guys are working on.


Artist Needed!

We find ourselves in need of an artist for one of our authors! If you are able, please get in contact with us as soon as possible so we can pair you up. Here's the writer's profile:

Writer 24

  • Big Bang

  • SPN ‘verse

  • Canon or AU

  • Ratings: Gen, Teen, Mature

  • Relationships: M/M, F/F, M/F, None (Gen), Asexual and/or Aromantic, Polyamory

  • Ideas: Sam and Castiel meet in a mental hospital

  • Likes: The hurt/comfort trope, sastiel, Cas & Dean friendship

  • Dislikes: mpreg (male pregnancy), incest ships

  • Other Comments: Hi

Another Update

At this point, just about everyone should be paired up, and hopefully people are communicating with their partners and starting to create wonderful Sastiel work! Any problems, please get in contact.

Signups are also still open and will be into July 10.

Happy creating!