Old Wounds

Title: Old Wounds
Author: hit_the_books
Characters & Pairing(s): Sastiel, Sam Winchester, Castiel, Dean Winchester, Original Characters
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 31,675
Warnings: Mildly Dubious Consent
Castiel suspects that Sam might have feelings for him, what with the movie and TV show binging they keep doing together. A stay in Atlantic City confirms this, but as Team Free Will moves on to tackle a case in Wells, Maine, Sam's sudden "Ariel phase" could be about to break Team Free Will, and Sam and Cas, apart.
It's Splash, but not as we know it.
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ab luce ad ignis.

Title: ab luce, ad ignis
Author: cruxis
Artist: stanfordbaby
Characters & Pairing(s): Castiel & Sam Winchester
Rating: T
Word Count: 18790
Warnings: n/a
Summary: Because that’s how Castiel is looking at him right now, like he’s something worth admiring, and Sam doesn’t know what to do or how to handle it.

How Dean could handle it, he’ll never know.

A story in five parts. Season 9 AU.

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Sweet Treat Kisses

Author:backrose_17 (LJ) | blackrose_17(AO3) | sweet-sammy-kisses (tumblr)
Artist: stargazingchola (LJ) | winchesterchola (tumblr)
Characters & Pairings: Castiel/Sam, Dean/Benny, John/Mary, Gabriel/Hannah, Meg/Elieen, Clarie, Amelia, past Castiel/Amelia, past Brady/Sam, mentioned Anna/Ruby
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 25,433
Warnings: Past Cheating
Summary: When Castiel went on a hunt for the perfect birthday cake for his daughter, he never expected that it would lead him to Sam. Or over protective big brother, matchmaking family and friends but Castiel knows that Sam is worth it.

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Title: Carterhaugh
Author: story_monger
Artist: quickreaver
Characters & Pairing(s): Sam/Castiel, Crowley, Bobby, Dean
Rating: Gen
Word Count: 30,692
Warnings: Offscreen body horror
Summary: When Sam leaves his dad and brother, he expects to spend a few weeks working his way across the country to California and the full ride to Stanford that waits for him. He's not expecting to stumble into a strange place called Carterhaugh County, and he's not expecting to accidentally trap himself there with a man named Castiel, who as it turns out, isn't a human at all. Sastiel retelling of Tam Lin.

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Title: Whole
Author: samanddeaninpanties
Artist: casquecest
Characters & Pairings: Sastiel, Wincest, Wincestiel, John Winchester, Amara
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 8,574
Tags: AU, fluff, angst with a happy ending, depression, nightmares (mentioned), jealousy, voyeurism, older!Sam, younger!cas, younger!Dean, top!Cas, dom!Cas, bottom!Sam, implied switch!Sam, implied bottom!Dean.
Summary: When Cas is placed into twelve-year-old Sam's arms for the first time he forms an instant attachment with the toddler. Over the years Sam, Dean and Cas become inseparable - until Sam goes off to college, that is. After Cas turns eighteen and Sam moves back home Dean's distant and Sam misses how it used to be. One thing that remains the same? The bond Sam shares with Cas.

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it's like catching lightning the chances of finding someone like you

Title: it's like catching lightning the chances of finding someone like you
Author: casandsip
Artist: emmatheslayer
Characters & Pairing(s): Sam/Castiel, Claire/Alex, Gabriel
Rating: T
Word Count: 8K
Warnings: none
Summary: College professor Sam Winchester has a reputation for always finding the perfect dates for his students - but he's never been able to find a date for himself. That is, until one particular student of his starts meddling with his personal life.

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Wet Sam

A Hazy Shade of Winter

Title: A Hazy Shade of Winter
Author: amypond45
Artist: satanic-prom-dress
Characters & Pairing(s):Sam, Cas, Gabriel, Jody, Claire, Alex, Dean
Rating: R
Word Count: 28K
Warnings: Warnings: Spoilers for 11.23: Alpha and Omega, past wincest.
Summary: Alternate ending for 11.23. Dean carries out the plan to suicide-bomb Amara, saving the world in the process. Just before he does, he makes Cas promise to stay with Sam, to "look after him and make sure he doesn't do anything stupid." After Dean's sacrifice, Sam is consumed with grief, going mad with desperation to get Dean back or die trying. In a last ditch effort to save Sam and make good on his promise to Dean, Castiel wipes Sam's memories of his brother, leaving Sam a broken shell of a man who can barely remember what he had for breakfast. This story assumes the London Men of Letters storyline doesn't happen, God has died or disappeared, and there is no Mary Winchester returned from the dead.

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Like a Rusted Engine

Title: Like A Rusted Engine
Author: Aria Lerendeair
Artist: archofimagine
Characters & Pairing(s): Mishalecki - Jared Padalecki/Misha Collins
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 7,600
Warnings: Pining, Getting Together, Horrible Flirting
Summary: When Misha first meets Jared Padalecki, he knows he’s in trouble. One motorcycle, some really, really bad flirting and a misunderstanding later, well. He’s still in trouble, but at least he likes this kind of trouble.

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Heart's desire

Title: Heart's desire
Author: Zetal (Rodinia) | rodiniaorzetalthepenquin
Artist: kandai_suika
Characters & Pairing(s): Sam Winchester/Castiel, Dean Winchester/Donna Hanscum, Mary Winchester
Rating: Teen and Up
Word Count: 10,950
Warnings: AU from the end of S11 (no Toni/BMoL), No spoilers for season 12, Aftermath of possession.
Summary: Lucifer’s dead and the world has been saved. Dean’s gone. Cas is dealing with the aftermath of his possession by Lucifer. Sam wants to help, but right now, there’s not just a whole lot he can do.
Then Dean returns, and he’s brought their mother with him. Dean’s got Mom, so Sam can focus on helping Cas.
Additional note: Additional thanks were added by Zeta in her story's introduction.

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