yasu ka kazu (trickylady) wrote in sastiel_bigbang,
yasu ka kazu

The Chest Breathes Fire as Needed - SPN, M

Title: The Chest Breathes Fire as Needed
Author: trickylady
Artist: the_realduck
Word Count: ~20k
Rating: M
Characters & Pairing: Sam/Cas, Dean, Bobby, Zachariah; mentions of Anna, Gabriel, Chuck, Balthazar and Lucifer.
Warning(s): major character death, angst, violence, verbal/physical/sexual abuse, slash, non-con, underage (16-17), mental illness, swearing.
Summary: Sam and Castiel are best friends who touch a meteor rock during Dean’s party at a cabin. Soon, they realize it gave them something they may never fully be able to control, and Dean tries to help contain what he feels is his fault.

Link to fic: on AO3
Link to art: Masterpost
Tags: challenge: 2013, genre: spn, rating: m, relationship: m/m, word count: 15k - 20k
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