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Resources & Affiliates

We've decided to start compiling a list of useful resources for authors, artists and Sastiel/Mishalecki fans alike. We will continuously update this post with more links as we find them.

Site Description
Supernatural Wiki and Supernatural on Wikia Wikis with tons of information on Supernatural canon, including timelines, trivia, references and transcripts.
Sassy Starter Kit A compilation of links to Sastiel scenes on Youtube and metas that might be useful, among other things.
Strange Pictures of Misha Collins If there's something you want to know about Misha, chances are it's on this site. If it's not, ask. If the information has ever been made public, you'll at least be pointed in the appropriate direction.
Resources for Writers and Writing Instructors This site has a ton of links that might be of help during the writing process.
spn_beta and spn_betas As you might imagine, they are communities of people willing to beta Supernatural fics.
little_details This is a fact-checking community. For when Google doesn't give you the answer you're seeking.
spnartsupport A community for Supernatural art resources and support.
spn_sceneit If you're making Supernatural videos, this community will likely be of help to you.
The Storyteller Project This site pairs up authors and artists to work together on fandom projects. Check them out. It's a great idea.

If you know of any other sites that might be of help, please feel free to comment here and tell us, so we can add them to the list. If you'd like to be listed here, whether as a resource or an affiliate, please let us know. Thanks, everyone!
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