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SCBB16 Newbie FAQ

What is a Big Bang?
A Big Bang is a challenge that focuses on a specific fandom, theme or pairing. They usually require authors to write long stories of at least 10,000 words or more. These stories will then be claimed by artists for them to produce complementary works to enhance, add on or improve it in the form of artworks, photo edits, manipulations, videos, podfic or track lists depending on what the challenge allows.

How about a Mini Bang?
A Mini Bang challenge is similar to a Big Bang, just with smaller goals. For instance, instead of a 10,000 words requirement, they might require only 2,000 words.

Not all Big Bangs are the same, then?
The process is generally similar, but rules and requirements would differ depending on the challenge and organizers.

How does it work?
As an author, you'll sign up and begin writing as soon as possible. There will be check-ins during the length of the challenge. Check-ins are where you'll usually be asked about your progress, thoughts or anything else the mods wish to ask about. Later on during the draft process, submissions of a rough draft will be required.

As an artist, claims are done on a first-come, first-serve basis for this challenge. Once your partner is confirmed, you can start contacting each other immediately.

At the end, both authors and artists would work together to compile all your efforts in a single master post.

I am both an author AND an artist. Can I do both for myself?
No. Part of the fun of a Big Bang is the mix and matching of authors and artists in a collaboration after all. :D

What if I want to add additional graphics/art/banners done by me or other artists to my fic?
You can absolutely do so after your posting date!

Do I need a Livejournal account to join?
No, though it might be helpful.

What if I'm an artist and I choose a story I don't like/has kinks I wasn't expecting?
Unfortunately, situations like these do arise occasionally. Generally what happens is to tough it out and try to do a good job anyway! The benefit of being an artist is that what you produce would be solely up to you, although keep in mind that your art should sell the story. If there is surprise content that makes you uncomfortable (this rarely happens, as there would be warnings given with the fics during claiming), contact a mod and they'll help you out.

Does signing up commit me to finishing?
No, it doesn't. You can drop out any time.

What is a beta?
Betas are the editor, helping hand, and critical eye. They are the ones to look through your works in their earliest to latest stages to spot out mistakes, express their opinions and aid with brainstorming.

What is a pinch hitter?
A pinch hitter is someone who steps in late in the game to produce and create art or fic in the case of writers and artists dropping out.

What does a "check-in" entail?
Check-ins are basically a "hello, how are you?" to let us know how you're progressing with the challenge and whether or not you're dropping out at that point.
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