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2016 Information and Schedule

Format (Please Read!)

For 2016 the Sastiel Big Bang will be a 'collaboration' bang — meaning that instead of traditional formats where an author spends a few months working on an idea and then posts a small summary to entice an artist to work on the project — both author and artist will work simultaneously, on an idea and the project as a whole. This will provide more time for both parties to work on their portion of the story, and hopefully mean a greater investment in the idea for artists involved.

Here's the gist of how this will work:

  • Sign ups will begin May 16th and run continuously through July 10th. The earlier you sign up, the earlier you get a partner and can start working on ideas! Sign up as an author or artist (or both) using the form provided: HERE.

  • We will give each person an anonymous number and post their information where everyone can read it. This information will include things like preferred ratings, favorite pairings, likes, dislikes, triggers, etc.

  • You will read through the information people submit and decide the top three you'd be interested in working with.

  • On June 1st we will post a link to a form where you will tell us your top three choices. (IMPORTANT: unlike regular claims, it isn’t just artists selecting authors — both sides can submit this form at the same time.) If you're acting as both an artist and author, or if you're an author who wants to do multiple stories, submit two separate forms. This helps keep things organized for us.

  • To provide everyone with a voice in the decision making process, we will send a message to your first choice — this person (be it author or artist) has the right to politely decline the offer based on the information you’ve submitted at sign-up. If they accept: woohoo, you have a collaboration partner! If they decline, we will message the next person on your list. Meanwhile, if during this process, we get a message of someone wanting to collaborate with you, then we will send you a message and you’ll have the option to accept or decline. Be aware that this is all going to be strictly tied to the time when messages are received (if we send out an email to your 1st choice 10 minutes before someone claims you as their 1st choice then priority will go to the message received first).

  • After a collaboration has been made, both entries will be crossed out on the availability form, and people will know that person is no longer able to be claimed.

  • You have from June 1st to July 10th to sign up, request partners and/or accept requests. Be aware that the earlier you sign up, the earlier you get a partner, the earlier you can start collaborating on a story and the corresponding art.

We usually have more authors than artists. So while at first we'll ask artists to only pick one partner, we'll eventually let artists pick a second partner, or even a third as need be.

If this seems confusing, please don't hesitate to ask questions! This is the first time doing this kind of big bang for us, so we're eager to hear your feedback about how the process works from your perspective. Consider this a beta trial, with all options open to future editing. We're mainly interested in finding the best, most enjoyable way for authors and artists to collaborate.


Sign-ups for writers, artists, betas open - May 16
People can start sending and receiving requests - June 1
Sign-ups closed for writers, artists - July 10 (If anyone doesn't have a partner at this point, we'll work to ensure one for them)
First writer/artist check in - Aug 15
Second writer/artist check in - Oct 22
Final check in/final draft due - Nov 26
Posting begins - Dec 5

General Rules

  • Fic and art must be new content. It cannot be posted somewhere already.

  • The relationship between Sam and Castiel (or Misha and Jared) must be a main focus of the story. Gen is also acceptable.

  • Communicate and meet your deadlines! If you run into trouble, please communicate with us and we will make changes. This challenge is for fun. Don’t stress!

  • Participants are expected to post their contribution in a public place for 30 days after the posting date. After 30 days, the participant may protect the content.

  • There is no limitation to where a participant may post their content – AO3, LJ, tumblr, etc. A master post will be submitted to the tumblr and LJ. More on posting instructions to come.

  • You must handle any adult content appropriately. This means tagging, warning, and hiding content under readmores.

  • Any participant may sign up for more than one part of the challenge. Writers can also be artists and vice versa. The only restriction is that a writer may not choose their own fic to become an artist for. Exception is if we are unable to find another artist to fill the prompt.

For Writers

This challenge has two categories:

  • A mini bang is any fic under 10,000 words. There is no minimum word count for the mini bang category, though it is suggested to meet at least 2,000 words.

  • A big bang is any fic over 10,000 words. There is no upper limit to the big bang category.

You do not have to decide on your category at sign up. An artist will have different commitments depending on the category you decide. If at first check-in you still cannot decide what length you expect your fic to be, you will automatically be categorized as a mini bang.

You must have a beta read before your fic is posted. We will have a sign up pool for beta readers, but we highly suggest finding one early in the process.

For Artists

This challenge has two categories:

  • A mini bang is expected to produce one piece of art. At this time, there is no minimum of pixel width/etc, although it is suggested you produce something around 400x400.

  • A big bang is expected to produce two pieces of art. As with the mini bang, there is no minimum pixel width/etc, but it is suggested the two pieces are something around 400x400 each.

For Betas

We appreciate you! Usually writers will credit their betas. You may remain anonymous if desired, but you must communicate that with your writer.

There are no “rules” for betas. The general expectation for a beta is to make yourself available to writer/artist to bounce ideas and do a check over the writer’s work before posting. Some writers need their betas more than others. You do not have to have prior experience.

For Pinch Hitters

We really appreciate you!! We always hope things go according to plan, but if someone has to drop out at the last minute, you’re our last line of defense.

I’d love to give more details about the expectations of pinch hitters, but a lot of that comes down to timing. If your services are needed during the first day of the challenge, it is a general request that you fill the expectations of your prompt. If your services are required during a time where the full expectations of your prompt are impossible to fill, leniency will be granted! Whether that is in the form of more time before posting or fewer requirements to fill can be discussed on an individual basis.

General Posting Instructions

A master post will be submitted to us when posting happens in December.. This is how your post should be formatted:

Word Count:
Link: (you can put your link here or you can post the fic under the artist information)
Link: (you can have the picture head the masterpost, or appear under a cut, or post an external link)

Communicate with your author/artist and one of you will submit the masterpost to us.
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