story_monger (story_monger) wrote in sastiel_bigbang,


Title: Carterhaugh
Author: story_monger
Artist: quickreaver
Characters & Pairing(s): Sam/Castiel, Crowley, Bobby, Dean
Rating: Gen
Word Count: 30,692
Warnings: Offscreen body horror
Summary: When Sam leaves his dad and brother, he expects to spend a few weeks working his way across the country to California and the full ride to Stanford that waits for him. He's not expecting to stumble into a strange place called Carterhaugh County, and he's not expecting to accidentally trap himself there with a man named Castiel, who as it turns out, isn't a human at all. Sastiel retelling of Tam Lin.

Link to fic: AO3
Link to art: LJ
Tags: challenge: 2016, genre: spn, rating: g, relationship: m/m, word count: 20k - 40k
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